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As part of our commitment to transparency and building a relationship of trust with our readers, we believe it’s important to disclose how we fund our site and the content we provide. Digital Health Wear participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. This comes at no additional cost to you, and it helps us keep the lights on and continue to provide valuable content.

Here’s what you should know about our affiliate relationships:

Our Approach to Affiliate Links

  • Selection of Products: Our editorial content, including product reviews and recommendations, is created independently and guided by our expertise in the field of digital health and wearable technology. Products are selected based on their quality, functionality, and how well they serve the needs of our audience.
  • Honest Reviews: We are committed to providing honest, unbiased opinions on the products we review. If we have received a product for review or if we stand to gain affiliate commission from recommending a product, we will disclose this within the article. Our primary goal is to help you understand your choices, not to push a particular product.
  • No Extra Cost to You: If you decide to purchase a product through one of our affiliate links, you will not pay more than you would by going directly to the retailer’s site. In some cases, our partnerships might even result in discounts or special offers for our readers.

Why We Use Affiliate Links

The use of affiliate links is a common practice that allows websites like Digital Health Wear to fund operations, including research, content creation, and website maintenance, without cluttering the site with intrusive advertising. These links provide us with a small commission but do not influence the editorial content we produce.

Your Support

When you choose to make a purchase through one of our affiliate links, you’re supporting Digital Health Wear and our mission to deliver high-quality content in the digital health and wearable technology space. We’re deeply grateful for your support, which enables us to continue exploring new products, providing insightful analysis, and keeping you informed on the latest trends.


If you have any questions about our use of affiliate links or how we fund our site, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Transparency is key to the relationship we build with our readers, and we’re committed to ensuring you understand how we operate.

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